We know that success is the driving force behind every business owner and management.

Internal audit plays a key role in safeguarding business assets, optimizing operations, assessing governance, compliance, controls and risk management, which are critical components for sustainable success in a dynamic business environment. Whether you are a private entrepreneur, a government body, an organization they manage, we are here to help.

  • We work with you
  • We add value
  • Go Beyond approach
  • We work with you
    We work with you
    Discover collaboration solutions tailored to your business culture and growth stage, supported by a powerful international network.
  • We add value
    We add value
    Our agile approach and global expertise ensure proactive management of risk, controls and innovative solutions that drive positive progress towards sustainability and success.
  • Go Beyond approach
    Go Beyond approach
    We provide expertise that goes beyond business as usual to create solutions that drive positive business progress.

Our Internal audit

Internal Audit Services for Financial Sector Companies Licensed in Lithuania

Internal audit services adapted to Lithuanian financial sector companies ensure compliance with regulatory acts, risk management and operational excellence.

Internal Audit Services for EU/Foreign Aid Projects

Internal audit for EU/foreign aid fund projects helps to ensure compliance of activities and related costs with requirements.

Internal Audit for the Companies Certified by ISO

Internal auditing ensures ISO standard compliance, evaluates management system effectiveness, and gathers objective evidence of performance.

Ieva Čibiraitė
Internal auditor
Ieva Čibiraitė

Why should you choose Grant Thornton Baltic?

  • Organizations aiming for effective internal risk management and control systems should seek solutions based on the three lines model. Our internal audit services provide the company with the opportunity to implement the third line and fully ensure independent and objective assessments and advice to management, the board, and other stakeholders.
  • Our client-centric approach, focuses on how emerging risks in your business environment can be effectively managed and mitigated.
  • The global reach allows us to provide consistent and high-quality internal audit services to international companies, ensuring the uniformity of standards and practices in different regions. This uniqueness of ours is particularly useful for clients working on an international level, as it allows us to harmonize internal audit methodologies across all national borders.
  • We prioritize a seamless and transparent audit experience through timely communication and our work quality. Our goal is to make the internal audit process a value-adding experience, providing insights supporting your business objectives and operational improvements.