All owners and management are interested in the success of their company, and they want to ensure that its activities and results are controlled and its systems function seamlessly.

The business risk services support the achievement of these goals. Our business risk services are designed for private entrepreneurs and for government authorities, the institutions under their governance, municipalities, foundations and citizen's associations. 

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We provide the following services:

Internal Audit and Internal Control

Performance of the functions of internal auditor in public agencies and business entities, evaluation of the efficiency of the internal control system and advice for the formulation of internal control procedures.

Risk Assessment

Mapping of business processes and risk assessments.

Custom tasks

Audits, inspections and analyzes with a specific purpose and scope.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Audit and advice to meet the compliance and effectiveness of the rules of procedure for management of risks relating to money laundering and terrorist financing.

FinTech Risk Management and Regulation

New risks associated with Financial technologies arise in a number of areas, including cross-border transactions and data privacy. We offer regulatory compliance, due diligence, risk management and AML.

Our experience

Our Business Risk and Internal Audit team specialises in the provision of internal audit and risk management services to clients in the financial services, corporate and public sectors. A team of experienced professionals provides a large range of assurance and risk assessment projects every year. With the FinTech industry booming, team has accumulated years of experience and expertise within many Financial Technology companies such as digital challenger banks, lending platforms, payment service providers, digital wallets, cryptocurrency companies and etc.

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