Reliability of information. The way in which reliable information is produced. That is what assurance is all about.

It is crucial for information to be reviewed thoroughly and professionally, especially in relation to statements for third parties. Assurance by Grant Thornton Baltic guarantees this approach.

Audit control is an integral part of each company’s control procedures required for gaining the trust of clients and partners as well as managing the company. It’s also a business improvement tool which identifies and resolves critical issues, and adds value.

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    More than 25 years of experience​
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    7 certified auditors
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    Team of more than 35 professional audit specialists

Our Audit

Audit methodology

At Grant Thornton, we use a single audit methodology across our global network. This means that our clients gain the same proven, high-quality approach wherever they are.

One focus of our activity lies in financial statements and special audits legally required according to trade law regulations and international standards. For voluntary audits and external assessments of the facts, we also support you with independent and competent evaluations. In brief overview, our services include:

  • Audit of financial and consolidated financial statements (IFRS)​

  • Audit of Financial institutions​

  • Audit of Specialized banks ​

  • Audit of Credit Unions​

  • Audit of Investment funds​

  • Audit of Venture capital companies​

  • Audit of FinTech companies​

  • Audit of reorganization terms

If you have any questions or want to know more about the services we provide, please contact us.

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