We analyze whether companies can apply profit tax incentives and reduce their effective profit tax rate from 15 up to 7,5%.

We also help implement the incentives from A to Z. Our approach consist of:

  • Deep analysis of the factual circumstances on site where the business is performed, aiming at grasping the real potential for tax incentives to be applied.
  • Calculations of eligible tax incentive amounts based on the accounting records and documents.
  • Preparation of a written strongly motivated inquiry to the Tax Authorities, aiming at explaining why the incentive can be applied and receiving the consent from the Tax Authorities.
  • Meeting with the Tax Authorities in order to present the views of the taxpayer and find consensus regarding the tax incentive scope and amounts.
  • Preparation of final calculations and recommendations to our client regarding the incentive application.

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HEAD OF SERVICE LINE Vykintas Valiulis

Partner, head of tax and advisory services

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