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Corporate social responsibility

At Grant Thornton, we’re always aware of the impact our business activities could have on the wider community.

With that in mind, we want whatever we’re doing to have only positive effects for our people, our clients and suppliers, our environment and our community.

We believe being a good business is about more than just a strong reputation in the business world, it’s about having the respect of the public. This is why we give our community and environmental performances equal importance to that of our financial and business ones.

We encourage our people to contribute to actions that lead to sustainable development, supporting local communities and groups in need.

Across Grant Thornton Baltic we are actively involved in the following areas:

  • education: helping communities and people to grow, develop and unlock their potential. Our people are using their skills and experience to help young people to thrive.
  • healthcare: giving our time on initiatives important to our communities.
  • environment: we promote environmental awareness throughout the firm and train our people accordingly. We have shown ongoing commitment to controlling our consumption of water and energy and our waste production in the office.
  • collaborating with charities and NGOs: we support "Paparčiai" St Joseph child care home and special education center "Aidas" and cooperate with "Vilniaus SOS vaikų kaimas".
  • animal welfare: in order to reduce the number of homeless animals and contribute to animal welfare we support animal charity "Lesė" in Vilnius and Kaunas where our employees actively volunteer in the daily activities of animal care organizations.