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Due diligence

Making the right investment decision can have a significant impact on shareholder value. To make an informed investment decision and create the best value from the transaction you will need the following an understanding of the target business identification and understanding of key business drivers an understanding of all the relevant issues clear analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

Fintech advisory

The rapidly changing world and evolving technology are driving the development of new business models such as acting as a payment institution, a provider of virtual currency services and a financial institution. Grant Thornton Baltic provides support and advice to these companies.

Corporate finance management

Building a successful business requires a clear vision backed by a focused strategy. To achieve this vision, businesses must negotiate an increasingly complex environment.

Business Valuations

Choosing the right valuation method is the most important element in the process of estimating the fair value of a business as it must be adequate in terms of the purpose and object of the valuation. Grant Thornton uses only proven and generally accepted methods from among the wide range of income, asset and market approaches. Having conducted a preliminary analysis of the object and purpose of the valuation, we identify the method that will be the most appropriate considering the situation and characteristics of a given enterprise and the business sector in which it operates. Prior to commencing valuation, we also identify the documents necessary in the process.

Mergers and acquisitions

We provide advice to clients in all material aspects of the process of conducting transactions: finding a candidate for buyer, purchase or merger, initial analysis and valuation, negotiations, due diligence, structuring transaction price, preparing legal documentation and formal closing of the transaction. We also provide consultation for management buyouts.

Protection of Interests of Bondholders'

Grant Thornton provides bondholders' advocacy and protection services. We have resources, knowledge and the latest technology. Defending the interests of bondholders · Representing the interests of bondholders

External Financial Management Services

Providing an external financial management services makes it possible to manage a company’s finance on a day-to-day basis by a competent economist, without the need of offering full-time employment. By cooperating with experts on managing big-budget projects, we provide our clients with excellent support in comprehensive management of company’s finance.


Financial Management Training and Seminars. Our experts have significant regional competence and close co-operation with our global colleagues. They happily share their expertise with our clients.

Business and financial advisory

Business and financial advisory

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