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Business and financial advisory

Business and financial advisory

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Šarūnas Brazdžius

Head Of Financial and Business Advisory

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The success of the company and its organizational structure is driven by smart decisions and efficient management. The quality of the business solutions (including strategy development) and their implementation have a direct influence on the performance, the development and maintenance of standards and management standards. 

How we can help?

How do we work?

A business and financial advisor is often included in the work of audit, accounting, law and tax projects. Working together with professionals from different fields, we can offer our customers one-stop integrated services.

What benefits do we give to the client?

Most companies need not only simple accounting services, but also financial optimization advisory for the company. As a result, clients who care for their competitiveness and long-term success use financial advisory services.

Our goal is to maximize the value of your business and property when you make strategic decisions, seek additional financial resources, invest, acquire another business or sell your own.

Our specialists help you find solutions that cover all transaction-related issues, including legal and fiscal issues, financial reporting, opportunities for improving business results, and factors associated with strategic change.

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