Business valuation is conducted by Grant Thornton for the purposes of acquisition, sale, merger, contribution in kind, optimisation transformation or restructuring of medium-sized and large companies. The business value determined in the course of the valuation is fully substantiated by the valuation report, which provides credible proof for third parties of the company’s real value.

Choosing the right valuation method is the most important element in the process of estimating the fair value of a business as it must be adequate in terms of the purpose and object of the valuation. Grant Thornton uses only proven and generally accepted methods from among the wide range of income, asset and market approaches.

Having conducted a preliminary analysis of the object and purpose of the valuation, we identify the method that will be the most appropriate considering the situation and characteristics of a given enterprise and the business sector in which it operates. Prior to commencing valuation, we also identify the documents necessary in the process.

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Expert Šarūnas Brazdžius

Head Of Financial and Business Advisory

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