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New Grant Thornton Baltic UAB Vilnius and Kaunas offices

Starting this year February 10 Kaunas branch of Grant Thornton Baltic UAB moves to new premises at “River Hall” business center at Jonavos str. 60C, with its headquarters in Vilnius from April 1st. Moving to “Green Hall 1”, Upės str. 21st.

20 audit, accounting and consulting specialists will move to a modern A-class business center "River Hall" in the central part of Kaunas city, and 55 specialists will be relocated in "Green Hall 1". The company invested around 300,000 euros in improving the working environment and conditions of its employees in both cities.

"The company is growing fast, so we were looking for high-quality and spacious offices. Accessibility was also an important factor when choosing offices. Both Kaunas "River Hall" and Vilnius "Green Hall 1" business centers are strategically located in the cities and convenient for both employees and clients. We also set high quality standards for the premises", - says Alma Ziziliauskienė, partner at Grant Thornton Baltic.

Innovative technologies in "Green Hall 1" and "River Hall" ensure comfort in the offices. The business centers are equipped with top level heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with air humidification.

"Particular emphasis was placed on office planning capabilities, as it was important for us to design the work space to fulfill our needs, ensuring employee comfort", - says Alma Ziziliauskienė, partner at Grant Thornton Baltic.

As a reminder, in addition to headquarters in Vilnius and office in Kaunas, Grant Thornton Baltic UAB also has a branch office in Klaipėda Business Center "Neapolis" at Taikos avenue 52C / Agluonos street 1-1403.


Starting 10th February 2020 Kaunas office new address will be:

Grant Thornton Baltic UAB, Kaunas Branch

Jonavos street 60C (Business centre "River Hall", 5th floor)

LT-44192 Kaunas


Phone: +370 37 422500



Starting 1st April 2020 Vilnius office new address will be:

Grant Thornton Baltic UAB

Upės street 21 (Business centre "Green Hall 1", 6th floor)

LT-08128 Vilnius


Phone: +370 5 212 7856


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