World Economic Forum (WEF) recently issued the Global Risks Report 2023. It identifies several high impact / high probability risks related to economic downturn, warfare, societal polarization and digital privacy.

Head of Legal, Laurynas Totoraitis at Grant Thornton Baltic identifies that in today's rapidly changing business landscape, a crisis can emerge at any moment, requiring a quick and well-informed response that takes into consideration the interests of all stakeholders. Our legal advisory team is committed to supporting our clients in these moments of need, offering comprehensive legal advice on risk prevention and management. Our services are designed to help mitigate the risks and guide our clients towards a successful resolution.


Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in advising clients on legal issues related to crisis management, including:

  • Optimization and renegotiation of contracts,
  • assessment and reorganization of financial obligations,
  • assistance with state aid, exploring EU grants and national aid opportunities,
  • manpower management and cost optimisation,
  • advice on managing liquidity risks,
  • reorganizing business operations,
  • resolution of tax matters.


By taking a proactive approach to risk management, we aim to help our clients avoid potential challenges or minimize their impact if they do occur.


Extensive experience of our legal, tax and financial advisory teams allows us to offer our clients a tailored approach to commercial law, tax law, labour law and state aid ensuring that we find the best solution for each unique situation. When faced with a crisis, our clients can trust us to provide the guidance and support they need to navigate the challenges ahead and emerge stronger on the other side.