Expert Dovilė Boguševičienė

Head of Legal Advisory

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As the market for information society services expands and the number of threats and risks increases, the protection of personal data and information is a priority.

The requirements for the secure processing of personal data and information apply to both private public sector companies and non-governmental institutions. All organizations must ensure that data is processed securely in accordance with the data protection requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in order to avoid material or reputational damage.

Grant Thornton data protection advisory team includes data protection specialists with international data protection certificates, lawyers and IT specialists.

Our experts advise Lithuanian and foreign companies and organizations on data protection issues and provide all services related to the implementation of BDAR: prepare documents required for your company's activities and supervise their implementation by providing data protection officer services, evaluate data processing condition of the company and related risks, perform IT security audits and provide recommendations, train organizations' employees and partners.

Data protection and information security services:
Data protection advisory services
  • We provide business advice on all personal data protection issues.
  • We help develop a data protection strategy that complies with GDPR, industry regulations, directives and data protection laws.
  • We offer integrated solutions that help reduce the risk of illegal processing and disclosure of personal data, protect sensitive personal data and information important to companies.
Preparation of GDPR-compliant documentation
  • GDPR documents are prepared individually for each company taking into account the scope and specifics of the company.
  • We also create internal documents and templates complying with GDPR.
GDPR audit
  • We analyze how your organization collects, processes and stores personal data and identify the purpose of personal data processing.
  • We identify and assess privacy and data protection risks.
  • We identify non-compliances with legal requirements.
  • We provide recommendations for process improvement and appropriate risk management measures to take.
DPO as a service
  • We provide the services of an external Data Protection Officer (DPO) according to the needs of each company.
  • We assess whether your company has an obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer.
IT security audit
  • To ensure cyber security and data protection in the organization we perform an IT GDPR audit, during which the security status of the organization and the procedure for compliance with regulatory documents are assessed.
  • IT security audits are performed in accordance with the requirements of the ISO / IEC 27001 standard.
  • We assess the information and cyber security situation and potential risks.
  • We provide comprehensive solutions and recommendations for process improvement.
Training and seminars
  • We organize practical trainings and seminars on GDPR, personal data processing and protection subjects.

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