Payroll and, in addition, personnel administration are the biggest and most time-consuming challenges facing expanding organisations. Grant Thornton’s outsourcing teams can manage these commitments on your behalf, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

As part of solutions, we can support you with the following:

  • Payroll accounting;
  • Wage and payment of advance data preparation for e-banking;
  • Sending out payslips to employees by e-mail;
  • Accounting for accrued vacation pay; 
  • Accounting and declaration of tax related to payroll accounting;
  • Accounting of salaries for internal use;
  • Export of data related to wage costs and liabilities, vacation reserve data to software, for accounting and bookkeeping;
  • Accurate information on each employees payment of wages;
  • Historical payroll data collection;
  • Regular updates on important payroll-related regulations changes;
  • Consultations on payroll accounting issues;
  • Prompt response to all queries.
Leader Milda Mikušauskienė

Partner, Head Of Outsourcing Services

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Payroll accounting services are provided by qualified professionals with experience in various business sectors, freely communicating with clients in Russian, English and Lithuanian languages, able to use a variety of accounting and management systems, payroll and personnel management accounting software (Navision, Rivilė, Debetas, Directo, Alga 2000, EuroSkaita et al.).

Quality and accountability are key principles in our work. We guarantee professionalism and competence and ensure absolute confidentiality of data.